As participation in Rugby across Australia continues to grow, so too does the need for qualified Referees, Assistant Referees and Referee Coaches.

Each week, each season, referees and match officials play a vital role in Rugby and without them, games simply wouldn’t go ahead.

In addition to offering a unique way to get involved in the game you love, refereeing is a great way to keep fit, develop new skills, make new friends and experience the teamwork and camarderie of the large, international team of Rugby referees.

Whether you’re a player, ex-player, coach, school student, parent or Rugby fan, there’s a level of refereeing for everyone.

Rugby Referee

Laws of the Game

The Laws of Rugby are outlined in the IRB Laws of the Game (including IRB Laws app for iPhone and iPad, including IRB U19 Variations, Seven-A-Side Variations and Referee Signals.

Note: The following Law changes are applicable from 1 March 2013 -

Scrum Engagement Sequence 2013 (pdf – 134kb)

Law Trials Summary 2013 (pdf – 144kb)

Laws of the Game apply to Sevens Rugby, subject to the following iRB Seven-a-side Variations 2013 (pdf – 142kb).

Laws of the Game apply to the Ten-A-Side game, subject to the following Ten-a-side Variations 2013 (pdf – 118kb). 

Australian U19 Law Variations

In addition to the Laws of the Game, the Australian Rugby Union has adopted Australian Under 19 Law Variations applicable to all matches at Under 19 level played in Australia (except International U19 matches), including those games played by visiting touring teams. 

The Australian Under 19 Law Variations 2013 (pdf – 287kb) must be read in conjunction with the IRB’s U19 Law Variations 2013 (pdf – 96kb).