Tantallon Development

Tantallon Oval is located on the corner of Tantallon Rd & Epping Road, Lane Cove North NSW 2066. It is managed by Lane Cove Council and has been home to LCJRU since 1951.

You can find a map to Tantallon here


Tantallon is a 1st class oval with 3rd class facilities that are in desperate need of upgrading. LCJRC has been working with Lane Cove Council and the other sporting clubs that use Tantallon Oval to produce a proposal for the re-development of the grandstand and amenities. Together we have drafted design plans and we are now in the process of working with Council to commence DA. 

Watch this video to learn more! See how many Wallabies you can spot supporting Lane Cove Junior Rugby!

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 Our Visions: Upgrade the Amenities and create a new shared Community Facility at Tantallon Oval, including: 

- Build a new Facility/Club House and viewing deck on the foundations of the existing change room and grandstand 
- New Seating 
- Upgrade toilets and increased facilities for women 
- Repair change rooms 
– New storage and BBQ facilities 
– Provide a lift for access to the grandstand facility

A fundraising for the development of a Community Facility and Club House at Tantallon Oval is now underway. Club members can make a tax deductible donation today. Or goal is to raise $250,00.


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Help us make the facilities at Tantallon fit for purpose and make this oval 1st class all round. DONATE via our foundation online today  by clicking here.










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